#24: Step by step instructions on how to give a gold dipped vintage look to a dated accent table

1- You need to find an old and dated accent table (I found it in our building’s recycle room)

2- Disassemble it as much as possible

3- Wipe it clean with a wet paper towel

4- Sand it

5- Wipe it clean with a dry paper towel

6- Using a sponge brush apply a couple coats of Fast drying Polyurethane (I used Minwax from Home Depot)

7- Let it completely dry

8- Use a masking tape to create a crisp, clean paint line on the legs

9- Spray your favourite gold paint spray on the legs (I used Design Master Thick metalic finish-Gold Medal from Michaels)

10- Let it completely dry

11- Voila you’ve got yourself a brand new gold dipped vintage accent table

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