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Why Home Staging by Shiraz Staging?

"A buyer's first impression is the only impression that matters." - Shirin Talaee

Home staging is one of the most affordable -and essential- ways to unlock the value of your home or property. At Shiraz Staging, we use the power of home staging to encourage home buyers or renters to imagine a space as their own and to see the possibilities of a property.

Through the careful selection of fabric, colour, furniture, lighting and open space, we can emphasize the positives and downplay the negatives of any property. We can create an experience that feels profoundly personal, inviting, and -most importantly- valuable to a buyer.

Vacant or Unoccupied Home Staging

"An empty space needs to be filled with imagination for it to come alive." - Shirin Talaee


Empty rooms or properties can be difficult challenges for home buyers or renters. The lack of anything to anchor their experience can cause them not to be able to focus on the possibilities of a space, but instead, cause them to only focus on any flaws or issues with it.

Often, home buyers or renters need home staging as a means to tell them the "story" of a property; an emotional and wondrous journey that they can go on while wandering through the rooms, and floors.

As one of the most respected home staging firms in Toronto, Shiraz Staging knows what Toronto home buyers are looking for in a property, and can transform your home into exactly what they want.

We design a welcoming atmosphere that enables a potential buyer to envision their life in the property, producing an emotional response that says “home.”

Home staging a vacant property can increase the number of offers or even result in your property being sold weeks sooner. A small investment in home staging can yield tens of thousands of dollars in profits.

Luxury Properties Home Staging

"You can't sell a luxury mansion with cheap furniture in it." - Shirin Talaee

Most home staging companies work with only small spaces. They source furniture and decorations form discount manufacturers or stores.

Not Shiraz Staging. We are experts in luxury property home staging
because we understand the challenges of working with a large
property.Luxury homes are often spacious, with high ceilings and oversizerooms. If not appropriately staged, the space can seem cold and
uninviting,worse, if staged with cheap decoration and furniture, the overall aesthetic won't work.

Shiraz Staging works with many high-end furniture manufacturers to
ensure that the staging for your luxury home is just that: luxurious.We
source statues, fine-art, custom furniture, and hard-to-find luxury
decorations to give your home an unforgettable look it deserves.With our expert design team, we can add thousands of dollars to the selling or renting price of your luxury home.


Airbnb Staging

"Home staging is the single biggest driver of success for Airbnb rentals." - Shirin Talaee


Airbnb rentals is an incredible way to generate revenue from spare rooms or properties. Yet, many Airbnb entrepreneurs don't understand how important Airbnb home staging is for their success.

When people search for an Airbnb property, one of the top reasons they decide to book a particular home is how it looks to them. An Airbnb has to have character, charm, and personality. That's how you increase bookings and -more importantly- your per night rate!

Airbnb rentals that are professionally home staged by Shiraz Staging, see fewer vacancy rates, more profitability, and higher customer satisfaction.

We create a custom experience for your property based on your location, the kind of clientele you want to attract, and the rent you wish to charge. What's more, with Shiraz Staging, you don't need to purchase any of the furniture, decore or art. We can lease them to you on a monthly basis, so you don't incur any upfront costs

Touch-Ups and Cosmetic Corrections

"Every crack in the wall, every rust stain, every broken doorknob can cost you a fortune with a buyer." -Shirin Talaee.

Sometimes, your home needs a few light touch-ups to help make it look its best. After all, you wouldn't want to lose out on a property sale because of scratches on the floor or ugly wallpaper.

Shiraz Staging is proud to provide our clients with touch-ups and cosmetic corrections for their properties.

These are not full renovations. These are minor, corrective improvements to help with small blemishes in your property. Often, it is these tiny defects that stand out to a buyer or a renter. We help cover-up or fix these imperfections, to ensure that the beauty of your home.

Our touch-up services include:

  • Painting

  • Wallpaper Repair and Replacement

  • Floor Polishing and Sanding

  • Minor Roof Repair (Shingle Replacement for Example)

  • Crown Moulding Repair

  • Drywall Patching

  • Spackling

  • Rust Stain Removal

  • Hardware Repair or Replacement (Door Knobs and Faucets)