Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What areas do you service?

    1. ​We help our clients with their home staging, and interior decor needs right across the province of Ontario from our home base of Toronto.

  2. Do you offer a free consultation?

    1. ​Yes! Depending on your property and area we do offer a free consultation. We suggest you contact us to discuss your needs to see if you are eligible.

  3. Do you provide custom furniture?

    1. ​Absolutely! Many of our clients have unique spaces that require unique decor and furniture. If we cannot source it form one of our high-end suppliers, we will have it custom made for you.

  4. Can I rent furniture and decor from you for my home staging?

    1. ​Yes! We make it easy and affordable for our clients to create magnificent experiences for their buyers or renters. Our furniture and decor renting services is an ideal solution for people who want their homes to look their best, but do not want to invest in the purchase of new pieces.

  5. Can I buy furniture and decor from you?

    1. ​Yes! If you fall in love with any of the pieces we use for our home staging, we can discuss selling it to you so you can have it forever!

  6. What do you charge for your home staging and interior design services?​

    1. ​Every client is different, and our engagement with every client is different. Contact us today to discuss your design needs so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

  7. My property has no furniture. Can you help me make it look great?

    1. ​Definitely! Our vacant property home staging services are ideal for individuals with empty houses. Contact us today to talk about how we can help!

  8. If a home buyer wants to purchase your home staging furniture, will you sell it to them?​

    1. ​Yes! We can arrange for any home staged furniture or custom to be purchased by a home buyer.

  9. Do you do staging for events or pop-up shops?

    1. ​Most certainly! Shiraz Staging is capable of providing exceptional staging and decor services for all kinds of spaces including retail environments and venues.