About Shiraz Homestaging

Luxury for All Budgets -Toronto Interior Decorator

For over five years, the team at Shiraz Staging has been a premier interior decoration firm in Toronto.

Exceptional home staging rests at the point between the unencumbered imagination of what a home could be and the physical, architectural reality of what space can allow.

Shiraz Staging is an interior decor company that makes fantasy reality. We delve into the dreams of our clients to create the homes and properties they've always wanted. We strive to understand precisely what inspires them, and what they wish to feel when living in our designs.

Regardless of the project, our mission is to help bring about our clients' wildest dreams, by creating a sense of elegance, timelessness, and wonder through inspired blends of fabrics, colours, objects, furniture, and materials.

We've helped our clients unleash their design fantasies through inspired home decor, home staging, construction consulting, and Airbnb rental upgrades.

Whether you have a small condo on King Street or a large mansion in Yorkville, rest assured our creativity and experience are big enough for the job.

Our team serves clients all across the GTA, and no project is too big or too small for us because no fantasy is too big or too small for our clients.

Let us unleash your imagination.

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Our Vision

Shiraz Staging is committed to interior decor and home staging excellence, and to create spaces that our clients always wanted to live and

 work in -all while respecting and working within their budgets.

We work with only vetted furniture manufacturers and home décor vendors to ensure that we can provide superior quality furnishings

for every space we decorate.

Our Founder: Shirin Talaee

“A home should tell the story of the people who live there.” – Shirin Talaee

As one of the top Toronto interior decorators, Shirin started Shiraz Staging because she wanted to help clients create unforgettable experiences when it came to their interior decoration and home staging needs. Shirin creates living experiences that are welcoming and warm, yet still have a profound sense of design and style. Shirin’s unique gift to her
clients is her ability to read the plans of a property to divine what the architects and builders had in mind when constructing it.

She is well versed in all aspects of design, having earned numerous degrees in Civil Engineering, Interior Design, and Sustainability. With this background, she can pull together incredible teams for each and every project she works on, providing her clients with unrivaled talent for their home staging and interior design needs.

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Our Mission Statement

"Excellence through design. Transformation through décor. Inspiration through art."